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Designed for the tournament angler, the Savage Gear Ned Minnow can be fished a number of different ways, but is incredibly lethal on the back of the Savage Gear Ned Head Jig Head. Whether it is methodically dragged across the bottom to imitate an unsuspecting batifish or paired with ball head around actively feeding fish, the Savage Gear Ned Minnow features a T-Tail design and detailed texturing that produces a hyper-realistic presentation. Offered in a range of highly effective baitfish colors, the Savage Gear Ned Minnow delivers an unmatched attraction, especially when paired with a ned head.

In an effort to create a series of highly effective soft plastics aimed specifically at ned rigging, Savage Gear analyzed every element of design, including materials, action, durability, and detail. Poured using a custom formulation of Duratech soft plastic, each bait in the Savage Gear ned series has been carefully infused with a precise amount of salt to elicit the desired buoyancy and action. Attacking every sense to ensure complete attraction, the Savage Gear ned baits are infused with an intoxicating scent that triggers a predatory reaction and aggression.

-Hyper-realistic 3” minnow profile
-Custom Duratceh formulation for lifelike feel and durability
-T-Tail design delivers lifelike swimming action
-Salt infused for ideal buoyance
-Scent infused to trigger feeding and aggression
-Designed to be fished on savage ned heads